Your blogger today is F3 founder and race director, Kimberley, seen above at her fitness peak this summer after completing the Steelhead Half Ironman

Official training for F3 has started! I haven’t properly trained through the winter since the very first F3, back in the 2009-2010 winter training cycle. I have all the right clothing, I think?! I’ll soon see if it’s enough to be comfortable on those cold morning runs.

It’s that time of year when running before work means it is 100% going to be dark. This means I won’t run with headphones. At all. It’s also a good opportunity to get out the reflective and flashy stuff! Maybe even my headlamp from that time I did Ragnar. With the cooler temps it’s a good time to do my favourite thing: Multitasking! That means getting my run in AND bringing the dogs with me. Great for both my safety and tiring them out before work!

Getting in runs with a group is ideal during these months. I also really want to work on speed training this season as it’s something I’ve always neglected. The plan is to get into a routine with weekly group runs as much as possible. It’s tough with work travel popping up every week at different times, but it’s definitely possible. I try to tell myself “there is always someone busier than you who is running right now”. That helps.

Another thing that helps is setting mini goals. I’ve registered for the Art Van Turkey Trot. Like most of people I enjoy a good Thanksgiving Day race. I haven’t run an 8k yet this year so it should be good!

It’s very easy every year to get my fall race out of the way and then get so focused on planning F3 that my own fitness goals take a back seat. With my plan to actually race F3 for the first time since our first ever fun run in 2010, I can’t use race planning as an excuse to not train anymore.

This is my #noexcuses winter!

In other news, Erin, Annabelle and I went to the Back on My Feet Gala on Saturday! We are honoured to have Back on My Feet as part of our event again this year. We have partnered with them since 2011 and truly admire all that they do to combat homelessness in Chicago.