F^3 @ The Forge – January 13, 2024

THE FORGE (1001 Main St, Lemont, IL 60439)
9:00am FAT BIKE races start
11:11am – 10K TRAIL RACE start

Come join us for a wintery challenge!

Please use the map below for directions.

From Main Street in Lemont, go North onto Talcott Ave. After crossing the RR tracks, turn right onto the service drive. There are signs directing you to The Forge. Continue on the service drive, cross over the canal and turn right onto the gravel road on the north side of the canal. The parking lot is near the 2nd stop sign.

Park your car, put on your mask, cross the bridge and head toward the stage!

The Forge: Lemont Quarries is a state-of-the-art adventure park designed to deliver unique year-round activities for adventurers of all ages and abilities.

Featuring a versatile and wide-ranging mix of recreational activities set among a reclaimed natural landscape, the park offers an escape to tranquil and interactive green space where guests can test their personal boundaries while engaging with a passionate community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Packet Pickup schedule:

Saturday, January 13th – Raceday pickup at The Forge, 8am-8:45am (bike), 8am-11am (run)

The course is being revised in order to work for both the bike and run. Below is previous running course info…

The course has been revised to avoid conflicts with vehicular traffic. We have also included several singletrack trail sections!

The course is gravel road/doubletrack for the first 4 miles, mostly next to the I&M Canal and nearby ex-Quarries. The next section is singletrack, along the Sanitary&Ship Canal for a bit less than a mile.  The final mile is back on the gravel road/doubletrack.

After your race, grab a mini-brownie on your way through the finish chute. And then help yourself to a cup of Hot Chocolate!

Every bike participant will receive a pair of blue F^3 Chicago flag-themed knee-high socks. We have worn these for running and cycling, and they have performed well! See below for an image.

Every trail run participant will get a pair of F^3 Chicago flag-themed mittens. We designed them to match our classic winter pom hat!

If you sign up for both events (bike AND trail run), you get both!

Each race will be a mass start.

The first mile plus of the course is on double-wide gravel, which should leave everyone enough space to maneuver prior to entering the singletrack.

Each finisher of the bike races gets a cool metal F^3 token by which to remember the ride.

The trail run medal, born of fire and blade and hewn from oaken wood, bears the brands of our host The Forge and we, F3.

…or something like that. It has an F3-branded red ribbon to go with it.

We always encourage participants to share rides! Nonetheless, parking at the Forge is not a problem. The venue has more than 300 parking spots, and our event will be able to use all of them.

Follow the directions at the top of this webpage, and park onsite at The Forge.

The race will be chip-timed by our timing partner, RED PANDA. Please make it easy on them by wearing the timing device correctly:

Bike tags should be wrapped around your seat post to make a “tail” under you.

Run bibs should be pinned on the OUTSIDE FRONT of your clothes.

Overall awards are based on GUN TIME. Top Overall Female (1) and Male (1) will receive an F^3 buff, F^3 stocking cap, and free entry to our Trail Marathon // OR // the Forge Triathlon.

Age group awards will be based on CHIP TIME. Age Group awards will be awarded to men (3) & women (3) in 10-year age groups as follows:

  • 19 & Younger
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70 & Older

The age group award is a F^3 scarf which can be picked up at the AWARDS table.

2022 Run results below…

2021 Run results below…

There will be no gear check. Please stash your stuff in your car.

This year’s photos will be shot by the incomparable Brian Berman. After the race, you can find them at

Please see the slider below for some photos from the 2021 running event.

The Forge has indoor restrooms right next to the start corral.

There are also porto-potties throughout the grounds of the venue.