Today’s post is brought to you by Kimberley, F3’s race director


Happy New Year F3 blog readers!

Well that was certainly the coldest holiday season I’ve endured since moving here 12 years ago. Next week looks pretty chilly too. With the training groups mainly canceling their runs, I did master treadmill running out of necessity. I had to run over 2 hours and I didn’t want to do that without a group.

You know what? It wasn’t horrible. I was able to control my pace WAY better than when I run out on the lakefront path. I listened to some really good podcasts which helped to pass the time. The other thing I did was strategically place my towel so I couldn’t see the clock. All in all, treadmill success.

I have made the decision to not run F3 *on the day* anymore. I’ll run it the weekend before. We have a really competitive field this year and I want to see how the finish turns out! The rate I run everyone will be in Kroll’s by the time I finish 😀  I promise I will send evidence that I did actually run the race! I’ll be strategically placing KRā and water along the course to get the real F3 experience 😉

Speaking of Kroll’s – I am SO excited for this year’s after party. You don’t all know this but the F3 staff does make it to the after party – albeit a little later than our winning runners. This year we have 4 choices of independent local breweries providing beer for the after party. My goal is to outsource a little bit of my race day responsibilities so that I can join you all at Kroll’s earlier.

Last year we pretty much closed Kroll’s down, and then ended up squeezing into Annabelle’s car with some of the leftover water – and somehow ending up at Molly’s Cupcakes.

Speaking on behalf of the entire F3 team, we can’t wait to hang out with you at the race this year!